Code AI tools

Unlock the power of AI with our comprehensive collection of cutting-edge Code AI tools. From machine learning to natural language processing, our tools will help you build smarter, more efficient applications. Explore our range today and take your coding skills to the next level!

Avanty AI Tool

Avanty is an AI-powered tool that enables quick, cost-effective insights from data without writing SQL queries.

Channel AI Tool

Quickly generate SQL, answers and visualisations from English questions. Create dashboards with team mates and explore data with suggested questions.

Google Colab Copilot AI Tool

Setup an AI Python coding assistant on Google Colab by copying Javascript from Github, replacing API key, and running script.

CodeSquire AI Tool

AI assistant helps data scientists, engineers, and analysts write code faster with completions and suggestions as they type.

Spellbox AI Tool

AI coding assistant helps busy programmers quickly solve programming and engineering problems with A.I.

MagicForm AI Tool

Train AI salesperson in 3 minutes to build trust and increase conversions by 20% through real time conversations. AI Tool

Olli creates tools to make data accessible and easy to use, supported by major investors with the vision of making data accessible to all.

WhatTheDiff AI Tool

AI-powered code review assistant saves time and money by summarizing pull requests quickly, allowing for quick understanding of changes, big and small.

CustomGPT AI Tool

CustomGPT enables companies to create AI-powered chatbots with OpenAI features, Sitemap integration, and flexible access. It helps businesses increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge.

Felvin AI Tool

Felvin helps non-developers create, discover and earn from AI apps with no-code tools and an SEO-optimized gallery.

PromptLayer AI Tool

PromptLayer is a platform that enables tracking and managing GPT prompt engineering, connecting code to OpenAI's python library and recording API requests for easy search and exploration. AI Tool

Robovision provides a platform to develop, implement and adapt AI for dynamic vision. Streamlining the AI life cycle for today's changing environment.

Code GPT AI Tool

Code GPT and Clippy AI are VS Code Extensions with features like StackOverflow support, Explanation, Refactoring, Documentation, Finding Problems, and Unit Testing. Maverick is an AI-powered code completion tool.

Phind AI Tool

Search development queries using natural language and customize results by time. Toggle display links for more info.

RTutor AI Tool

RTutor is an AI-based app that translates natural language into R scripts, which are then tested and reported in HTML. Check out the github repo.

Continual AI Tool

Continual is the leading AI platform for modern data stack, enabling predictive models to improve without complex engineering. Try it for free.

Kinetix AI Tool

Create 3D animations for free with no coding skills required - take yourself to the metaverse.

Akkio AI Tool

Akkio is a no-code ML platform that helps businesses use AI to make data-driven decisions and grow. It enables users to clean, reformat, and predict from data.

Obviously AI AI Tool

AI can quickly generate predictive models from raw data, leading to rapid ROI.

Build AI AI Tool

Build AI helps you quickly create AI apps and publish them independently. AI Trip Planner automatically creates detailed travel plans for any destination. Just specify trip length and destination and the app does the rest.

Kodezi ai AI Tool

Kodezi is an AI developer tool assistant that auto-corrects code and removes bugs, improving code instantly. AI Tool

AI made accessible to everyone, enabling them to build models without coding. Integrations, API, and public share links make it easy to use.

AutoRegex AI Tool

This website uses AI to automate Regex generation and translation to English.


Common Sense Machines provides tools to create digital simulators for AI training and content creation, enabling learning of generative world models to achieve AGI, similar to a child's experience.

CodeGeeX AI Tool

CodeGeeX is a large-scale multilingual Code model with 13 billion parameters, supporting 15+ languages for Code and translation. Pre-trained on a large code corpus of 20+ languages.

MindsDB AI Tool

Automate text data processing with OpenAI's GPT-3 & Hugging Face models using SQL commands to classify, label, create, summarize, translate & more.

GPTAgent AI Tool

GPT Agent promises to make creating AI apps simple and straightforward.

Cheat Layer AI Tool

Cheat layer uses no-code tools and machine learning to automate complex business tasks, acting as a personal software engineer.

Sagify AI Tool

A command-line tool to quickly train and deploy ML/DL models on AWS SageMaker with minimal effort.

AI Data Sidekick AI Tool

Speed up SQL, documentation and more with our collection of powerful recipes. Free for individuals and small teams.

Cogniflow AI AI Tool is an AI platform that helps boost productivity by allowing users to classify customer interactions, extract information from text/images, identify/count objects in images/video, and transcribe audio without coding.

Teachable Machine AI Tool

Teachable Machine is a web-based tool that enables anyone to quickly and easily create machine learning models, regardless of prior knowledge.

AI Surge Cloud AI Tool

AI Surge is a no-code platform that enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively bring data science to life without coding. It helps deliver data 10x faster and reduce costs by 90%.


Open Source GPT-3 Powered CLI with ~840 token prompt length and $0.017/command cost. Attempting to improve response and reduce cost.

Shumai (Meta) AI Tool

Shumai is an open-source library for TypeScript and JavaScript, providing fast, network-connected, differentiable tensors for software engineers and researchers.

viable AI Tool

Automate qualitative data analysis while maintaining high standards of quality.

AskCodi AI Tool

AskCodi helps developers write Syntax, Comments, and Tests faster and easier, allowing more time for execution.

Findly AI Tool

Quickly get meaningful insights from data without coding knowledge. Ask questions in plain English and get understandable results.

Enzyme AI Tool

Enzyme provides an all-in-one platform to discover, deploy and manage smart contracts with no technical knowledge required. Free to start, two paid plans available.

RunPod AI Tool

Rent Cloud GPUs for AI frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow with Jupyter for only $0.2/hour and save over 80%.

Buildt AI Tool

AI-powered search enables users to find code by searching for what it does, not just what it is. Once found, AI allows users to make changes simply by describing what they want.

Chatbotkit AI Tool

Our platform enables developers and non-developers to easily create advanced AI chatbots that can communicate naturally with users.


OpenAI Whisper provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and application programming interface (API) for easy access and use.

Roboflow AI Tool

Train a computer vision model in a few hours using images to give software sight.

Avanzai AI Tool

AI copilot enables users to quickly analyze financial data by generating Python code from natural language queries.

Helicone AI Tool

Monitor GPT-3 with one line of code. Replace base url with SDK, add OpenAI key to Valyr and view requests in dashboard.

Codex AI Tool

OpenAI Codex is a powerful AI system that produces human-like text. It uses machine learning and neural networks to understand and generate natural-sounding content quickly and efficiently, making it useful for companies and individuals.

BlackBox AI AI Tool

BlackBox AI is an AI-powered coding assistant that helps you code 10x faster, with features like code extraction from videos and autocompletion.

Hey, GitHub! AI Tool

This tool allows you to code without typing by using your voice and GitHub copilot.

Durable AI AI Tool

We aim to make custom software accessible to all using AI that can reason and communicate like humans.

Softr Studio AI Tool

Create custom apps for your business quickly and easily with Softr. Generate images and copy with AI. Transform Airtable/Google Sheets into portals, apps, and tools. AI Tool

B12 is an AI-powered website builder that provides professional services to create a website, streamline operations, and engage clients. It offers AI-generated website drafts and expert teams.

GitHub Copilot AI Tool

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered tool that helps programmers work more efficiently by suggesting code and functions in real-time, compatible with many languages. Debugging, refactoring, and code optimization are supported. A great tool for developers who want to work faster.

Tiledesk AI Tool

Chatbots integrated with WhatsApp and other channels provide one inbox for all communications, boosting ROI through free live chat.

Stenography AI Tool

Automation of documentation processes is now possible, providing a time-saving solution.

Kadoa AI Tool

Kadoa is a tool that uses LLM to extract data from any website in the desired format.

MarsAi AI Tool

Revolutionize software development with MarsX: create MicroApps, generate revenue, and unlock low-code tech potential.

Airtest AI Tool

AI-generated unit tests for Typescript, Python, Mocha, and Jest.

Autory AI AI Tool

Automate processes and build workflows with no-code and GPT-3 to increase productivity and get credit for chain prompts.

GitFluence AI Tool

GitFluence is an AI-driven tool that quickly finds the right Git command, saving time and effort. Try it today.

Teleporthq AI Tool

TeleportHQ is a platform for creating and publishing headless static websites quickly and collaboratively with integrated UI and content modelling tools.

Amazon CodeWhisperer AI Tool

Amazon CodeWhisperer uses ML to generate code recommendations from natural language and code, helping developers be more productive. AI Tool

Gamma. AI provides a cloud DLP with ML-powered data classification profiles and the best data detection, all in one click.

Browse AI AI Tool

Extract, monitor, and download data from any website without coding. Train a robot in 2 minutes.

Lookup AI Tool

Lookup helps you quickly get insights from data with AI-powered analytics. Import data, ask questions, get results in seconds.

Textomap AI Tool

Textomap is a fast and easy way to create interactive maps from text with no coding or complex tools.

Cron AI AI Tool

Easily create cron jobs with desired frequency without coding.

Anybot AI Tool

AnyBot is an online platform that lets you create AI-powered bots to provide personalized customer interactions. Easily customize your bot with OpenAI GPT-3 technology and take your customer interactions to the next level!

Bardeen AI AI Tool

Bardeen uses AI to automate manual workflows, saving time and boosting creativity. Examples include getting action items, summarizing websites, responding to questions, and creating images.

Water AI Tool

ChatGPT allows you to customize and integrate with nocode platforms like Airtable and Zapier.

Pliny AI Tool

Pliny enables users to create shareable apps from their prompts, allowing others to run it for free or remix it to create new versions.

Lobe AI Tool

Lobe enables free, simple training of machine learning models by showing examples and automatically creating a custom model for use in apps.

Seek AI Tool

Get instant answers to any data query with an intelligent data layer.

Ogen AI AI Tool

Automatically convert links into OG Image/Cover Photo using ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. View previously generated images.

Censius AI Tool

Censius provides AI observability platform to ensure ML models work in production with accountability and explainability. ML monitoring solution detects and fixes issues such as drift, skew, data integrity, and data quality.

Mutable AI Tool

AI enables fast, high-quality production with minimal effort.

Nanonets AI Tool

Automate data entry with AI to quickly capture data from documents, text, images, and emails. OCR-based AI reduces manual effort and turnaround times.

Generative BI AI Tool

Quickly make decisions based on data and gain valuable insights without technical expertise in a short time.

CodeAssist AI Tool

CodeAssist is an AI assistant for programming that generates or changes code with descriptions. It works with all popular languages and is opened by clicking the CodeAssist tab. - NLP API AI Tool

NLP APIs offer cutting-edge text analysis, from topic categorization to sentiment analysis and entity extraction. Quick and strong integration into apps in days, not months.

Nuclia AI Tool

Nuclia indexes unstructured data from any source, providing optimized search results. It can transcribe video/audio, extract image content, and parse documents.

Code Snippets AI AI Tool

Create secure code snippets library with AI-powered GPT-3. Generate, document, refactor and debug code with your team.

AuthorAI AI Tool

AuthorAI is revolutionizing authoring with AI, improving the creative process for apps, books, blogs, sites, data, designs, and reports.

Tabnine AI Tool

Tabnine helps developers write code faster and easily with AI-powered code completions, compatible with a range of IDEs. Increase coding productivity with Tabnine.

AI Reality AI Tool

AI Reality is a platform that simplifies AR prototyping with AI-generated text. It uses Stable Diffusion and Open AI to quickly create AR experiences, aiming to make AR more accessible and easier to learn.

HeyCLI AI Tool

heyCLI translates natural language to terminal commands, making it easier to use the command line.

AssemblyAI AI Tool

AI models enable audio transcription and understanding through ASR, NLP, and Speech-to-Text.

Kili AI Tool

Create customised experiences without coding. Suitable for content creators, company knowledge, e-commerce and customer service.

Procys AI Tool

Procys automates invoice data extraction, saving time and effort spent manually processing documents. AI Tool

Mixo helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business ideas with an AI-powered builder and integrated tools for customer feedback and audience growth.

Monitaur AI Tool

Monitaur helps you audit, track, and record AI and algorithms for optimal performance and compliance, integrating with every team.

Bilfrost AI Tool

Bifrost automates the process of turning Figma designs into React code, allowing designers to update screens without manual handoffs and engineers to focus on business-driving features. Design updates can be shipped quickly and easily.

Retune AI Tool

re:tune enables users to create and monetize AI assistants for any industry or use case, with GPT-3 and an API for integration.

Neon AI AI Tool

Neon AI enables developers to create voice applications with advanced AI and NLU, plus free open source software like Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana. They also have an AI OS for Mycroft Mark II. AI Tool

Liner is a free tool that enables easy ML model training with no coding or ML expertise needed.

Gooey.AI AI Tool

A low-code platform to compose AI workflows with access to OpenAI's GPT3 + DallE, image models, voice generators, and more. Tweak workflows and use them as APIs in apps, and prototype AI integration with sites/apps.

Wand AI AI Tool

Wand simplifies the process of creating AI-driven solutions, reducing time, cost and technical skills needed to achieve business impact.

Lightning AI AI Tool

Quickly build models and AI-powered cloud apps with Lightning App templates, eliminating infrastructure, cost, scaling, and other issues.

Symanto Text Insights AI Tool

Get better business insights with Market Leading NLP API. Real-time analysis and simple system integration.

Replit Ghostwriter AI Tool

Replit Ghostwriter is an AI Code that helps you write code faster and better, with code suggestions, complete code, and explanations.


Increase revenue by turning visitors into paying customers. Quickly set up an experiment to start seeing results.

Programminghelper AI Tool

AI helps you code faster by generating code from a text description. Try it now! AI Tool

Capture natural human motion from video using AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics, and export directly into any game engine or digital environment.

Auto Backend AI Tool

Create a custom backend for your app and explore existing apps in the gallery section.

Ask String AI Tool

STRING is an analytic tool that listens, understands, and takes initiatives. It can comprehend both structured and unstructured data, charting a course through uncharted waters. It is the captain of a journey to a new world of exploration.

Mutiny AI Tool

Mutiny helps marketers generate revenue without engineers, using AI to convert top of funnel demand.

Juice AI Tool

Juice enables GPUs to be accessed over networks, allowing for easy scaling and no setup time. Enjoy bare-metal performance over standard networking for graphical and ML tasks, with GPU load-balancing for multiple clients and tasks.

Studio AI Tool

Studio's first release is an AI-augmented design app with powerful features like design suggestions, autocompletion, and adaptive design for all screen sizes.

Brancher AI AI Tool

Create unique AI-powered apps by connecting AI models, monetize and share with the world.

CodiumAI AI Tool

CodiumAI is automating Code Integrity by building a dev tool for Python, with JS & TS support coming soon. It will enable devs to generate test suites interactively.

Debuild AI Tool

Debuild is an AI-powered low-code tool that helps you generate React components, SQL code, and assemble an interface visually. Go live in one click and build web apps in seconds.

Safurai AI Tool

Safurai is an AI-based IDE extension that helps developers with coding, debugging, and refactoring, providing solutions and suggestions to improve workflow and code quality, making development more efficient.

Durable AI Tool

Create a website, automate marketing, and manage finances in 30 seconds with AI-powered platform for solo business owners.

Batch GPT AI Tool

AI enables faster completion of daily tasks such as classification, transformation, parsing, translation, copywriting and learning.

Pickaxe AI Tool

Pickaxe enables quick AI tool creation without coding, plus discovering, making, sharing and collaborating with the community.

Shaped AI Tool

Shaped helps you create personalized content that users will love, based on powerful ranking models that understand user engagement and buying habits.

Evoke AI Tool

Evoke provides cloud hosting of AI models and APIs for AI app development, eliminating costly cloud setup. Diffusion API enables AI generated images for apps without setup.


HTTPie simplifies API requests with plain language, enabling developers to easily build modern tools. AI Tool

AI-driven search and discovery solution helps guide prospects to conversions, boosting engagement and sales. Easy to integrate and intent-focused.

10Web AI Tool

AI-Powered WordPress Platform automates website building, hosting, and page speed boosting for a better user experience.

Berri AI AI Tool

Berri enables quick app creation with an API endpoint, shareable web app, and templates. Low-code/no-code interface and fast customer support make it easy and fast.

Dust AI Tool

Prompt engineering helps accelerate the deployment of large language models, re-imagined with years of experience.

MixPeek AI Tool

Mixpeek is an NLP-based intelligence layer for object stores like S3. It provides an "understanding" of non-text files with a single API call and can be set up with one line of code.

Fig AI AI Tool

Fig is a seamless add-on that integrates with popular terminals, shells & IDEs.

Datature AI Tool

Datature enables teams and enterprises to quickly build computer vision applications without coding, by managing datasets, annotating, training, and deploying.

Replit AI Tool

Replit now offers Ghostwriter, an AI-powered feature that helps users write and run code in 50+ languages quickly and easily.

Codeium AI Tool

Codeium is an AI-powered code acceleration toolkit that integrates easily into editors, allowing developers to focus on coding, not mundane tasks.

GptDuck AI Tool

Download public Github repositories, create embeddings, and answer questions with <200 files and <100MB.

Axiom AI AI Tool

Axiom is a browser extension that enables users to quickly automate website actions and repetitive tasks without coding.

Prisms AI AI Tool

Prisms is a no-code platform for building AI-powered apps with GPT3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. Deploy apps directly or use Prisms as a backend. Launching in 2023, join the waitlist or explore the Prisms community.

Sketch AI Tool

Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant for pandas users that understands data context, providing relevant suggestions quickly and without a plugin.

Ai2SQL AI Tool

AI2SQL enables users to quickly create accurate SQL queries without any prior knowledge of SQL.

Petals AI Tool

Collaboratively run large language models like BLOOM-176B with an open source tool, by loading a part and teaming up with others to do inference or fine-tuning.

Sitekick AI Tool

Sitekick is an AI builder that enables users to create stunning landing pages without coding, design or copywriting.

Steamship AI Tool

Steamship is a low-code library that enables fast AI Prompt API building and deployment. It offers free plans with usage limits and support.

Hacker AI AI Tool

Hacker AI is a free AI-powered cybersecurity tool for professionals and coders to detect vulnerabilities in source code. Freemium API releasing soon. Made by @chaignc.

Dystr AI Tool

Dystr enables engineers to write and run code in the cloud without software experience, automating tasks and enabling faster analysis. It includes natural language code manipulation, triggers, scheduled tasks, and remote cloud environments.

Visily AI AI Tool

Visily is an AI-powered design platform that helps teams create wireframes and prototypes quickly and easily, with pre-designed templates, prototyping, and collaboration.

Duino Code Generator AI Tool

Automatically generate Arduino code with one click, freeing up time to tinker. AI does the hard work.