Education AI tools

Discover the future of education with our collection of AI tools. From personalized learning to intelligent assessments, our cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way we teach and learn. Explore our selection today and unlock the potential of AI in education.

ELI5 AI Tool

ELI5 is a website that uses AI to explain complex topics in a way that even children can understand. Users can choose the level of detail, from "really dumb" to "really smart". Examples include "How do computers work?" and "What is the meaning of life?".

Roshi AI AI Tool

Generate summaries, vocabulary, questions, and activities for students from Youtube videos and online articles.

Laion AI Tool

LAION is a non-profit that provides datasets, tools and models to promote open machine learning research and reuse of resources for public education and environmental sustainability.

Scholarcy AI Tool

Quickly read summaries of large articles powered by AI to save time and extract key facts, figures and references.

ExamCram AI Tool

ExamCram helps students create personalized study materials from lectures and textbooks, with AI algorithms to identify key concepts and create questions.

Coin Identifier Coin Snap AI Tool

Coin Snap is a mobile app that uses AI to quickly identify coins with high accuracy.

To Teach AI AI Tool

AI helps create tailored teaching materials and exercises for students, quickly creating personalized learning experiences.

Parentivity AI Tool

Personalized advice, activities & learning modules with real-time feedback from GPT-3, plus a chat feature for seamless use. Secure & confidential.

Fobizz AI Tool

This website provides teachers with tools to create digital lessons and ensure student safety. Tools include worksheets, multimedia, surveys, websites, recordings, word clouds, links and files. AI Tool is a non-profit research group offering courses on deep learning and AI.

Caktus AI Tool

AI solutions provide students with essay writing, question discussion, coding assistance and job application support.

Soofy AI Tool

Soofy is an AI language-learning app that offers a range of features to help users practice and improve their pronunciation, writing, and conversation skills. It focuses on practice and real-life scenarios to help users master a new language.

Galactica AI Tool

Galactica is an AI that provides a new interface to access and manipulate humanity's scientific knowledge of the universe.

MindSmith AI Tool

Mindsmith is your laboratory for creating and sharing micro-courses with AI-assisted, intuitive design tools to help learners succeed in ever-changing industries.

Edaly AI Tool

Edaly's AI-powered EdTech SaaS connects educators and learners globally, enabling live proctored exams and tests with AI algorithms. It also helps parents explore their child's potential and predict their optimal career path.

OpenAI Text Classifier AI Tool

AI Text Classifier is trained on human-written text to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated content. Results should be used as a guide, not the only evidence, when deciding.

All  Search AI AI Tool

Search 1000s of books with adjustable time span, genres, number of results, speed and quality.

Consensus AI Tool

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that quickly summarizes scientific research findings.

Perplexity AI AI Tool

Perplexity AI is a demo AI search engine powered by OpenAI API and search engines. It can answer Twitter graph queries and translate natural language to SQL code, but accuracy is limited.

Wisio AI Tool

Wisio is an AI-powered platform for scientific writing, offering personalized suggestions, translation, search and referencing.

Mindgrasp AI Tool

Mindgrasp quickly creates notes and answers questions from various sources, including documents, videos, meetings, recordings, and podcasts.

LiveReacting AI AI Tool

Our AI host helps elevate live shows, saving time and money while providing an interactive and engaging experience.

QuizGrowth AI Tool

Create quizzes quickly and easily from existing content to engage users and boost sales.

Nolej AI Tool

@nolej_app helps learners customize their learning experience by providing summaries, flashcards, and quizzes for any uploaded content.

TutorAI AI Tool

Tutor AI is an AI-powered learning platform that provides users with various options to learn about any topic.

Podcast AI Tool

AI-generated podcast featuring interviews with Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs by Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan.

GPTionary AI Tool

GPTionary is a user-friendly thesaurus that uses advanced NLP technologies to help non-native English speakers improve their language skills and access better education and job opportunities.

Poe AI Tool

Poe is an AI-powered chatbot that enables users to ask questions, receive instant answers, and engage in conversations. Powered by Quora.

ResearchGPT AI Tool

Interface enables conversation with research paper; enter link to online pdf or upload own pdf.

Chatbase AI Tool

Get a link to a GPT-based chatbot by simply uploading a PDF; it can answer any question about the PDF.

Yip AI Tool

Yip automatically creates questions from your notes, saving you time.

Typeset AI Tool

Explore and explain 270M+ papers with AI Copilot. Quickly read and understand literature with simple explanations. Highlight confusing text, math, and tables. Ask questions and get instant answers. Search without keywords.

PrepAI AI Tool

PrepAI creates Q&A sets from PDFs, DocXs, and videos, and allows editing and adding questions.

CheckForAI AI Tool

AI text detection in essays and emails is enabled by Open AI's Roberta-base model and proprietary models.

Cradle AI Tool

Cradle enables biologists to quickly create better proteins with AI-assisted algorithms and design recommendations. AI Tool

LessonPlans is an AI-powered lesson plan generator that helps teachers create high-quality plans quickly and easily, with customizable options to fit their teaching style.

Adept AI Tool

Adept is a lab that develops general intelligence through collaboration between humans and computers.

Doctrina AI AI Tool

GPT-3 language model from OpenAI used to create product to help students and children study better in remote and online learning. AI Tool hosts Hackathons to teach how to build and use AI technologies, empowering a community of Makers to create with modern AI.

Papers GPT AI Tool

GPT can be given deep customized knowledge by feeding scientific papers into it. A proof-of-concept UX is available for connecting arbitrary data.

Outline Ninja AI Tool

Outline Ninja's automated infographic maker uses AI to quickly generate an infographic from a keyword and title. AI Tool

Platform offers comprehensive research processing with smart search, filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, and data extraction.

Teach Anything AI Tool

Ask questions about any topic, select language and difficulty level, get answers quickly.

Magic Form AI Tool

Magic Form quickly creates quizzes from text, saving time and effort with Google Forms.

Tiny storie AI Tool

TinyStorie is an AI-built personalized audio storytelling app for children, helping parents and raising awareness and funds for children's causes.

WolframAlpha AI Tool

Wolfram's technology provides expert-level answers for Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.

PaperList AI Tool

This website allows users to share and read research papers, with author, post time, source and discussion options.

Onesta AI Tool

Get answers to finance, investing, budgeting, taxes questions from AI. Uncover info about financial professionals and browse advisor database.

Elicit AI Tool

Elicit automates research workflows, like literature review, by finding relevant papers, summarizing takeaways, and extracting key information. It also helps with brainstorming, summarization and text classification.

Quizgecko AI Tool

Create quizzes with AI-Powered Quiz Question Generator. Paste text, enter URL, or upload file. Multiple choice, short answer, or true/false questions. Perfect for teachers, e-learning and HR.

ExplainPaper AI Tool

Easily understand research papers by highlighting and uploading them. Save papers for future reference.

Socratic by Google AI Tool

Get help from Google's AI to solve academic problems in Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies and more, with visual explanations of key concepts.

PaperBrain AI Tool

A platform to easily access and understand research papers, with abstracts and direct pdf links. GPT assistant to help you.

Humata AI AI Tool

Upload PDFs to get answers, create reports, understand technical documents, and analyze legal documents faster than ever before.

LangoTalk AI Tool

Chat with AI to quickly learn Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, or Italian 6x faster.

Arxiv Feed AI Tool

AI research papers from Arxiv, regularly updated, in an easily browsable feed.