Experiments AI tools

Discover the power of AI with our collection of cutting-edge experiments and tools. From machine learning to natural language processing, explore the possibilities and revolutionize your business today.

CrowdView AI Tool

AI search engine that quickly finds relevant content from popular forums and communities.

This Model Does Not Exist AI Tool

Alice is an AI-generated influencer. Vote for your favorite photo and help decide which one she posts daily. New photos posted every 15 minutes.

Talk to Books AI Tool

Talk to Books is an AI-powered tool to discover books and explore ideas by asking questions or making statements.

AI Experiments AI Tool

AI Experiments is a Google showcase of experiments to explore machine learning using pictures, drawings, language, music, and more. It includes tools like TalkToBooks and TeachableMachine.

Everypixel AI Tool

AI-powered search engine indexes 50 stock image websites, allowing users to quickly search by image, color, orientation, type, price, and author.

Metaphor Systems AI Tool

Metaphor is a search engine that understands language, allowing users to expressively and creatively search for what they need.

Lexii.ai AI Tool

Lexii.ai is an AI search assistant powered by GPT-3, providing accurate, up-to-date information on any topic.

NSFW Checker AI Tool

Stable Diffusion's safety checker can be used with any image with a few modifications. It takes a few minutes to complete.

One More AI AI Tool

Find thousands of pictures generated by Artificial Intelligence with AI-Generated Stock Images.

NeevaAI AI Tool

NeevaAI offers fast, accurate, and up-to-date AI search results with source tracking.

Andi AI Tool

Andi uses generative AI to provide answers, like talking to a smart friend, instead of just links.

Dreamsands AI Tool

Dreamsands is a marketplace to license, collect and share AI-generated art images.

ChatGPT For Search Engines AI Tool

Ask any question and get a natural language response directly from your search engine results using ChatGPT.

Papers GPT AI Tool

GPT can be given deep customized knowledge by feeding scientific papers into it. A proof-of-concept UX is available for connecting arbitrary data.

Explore AI AI Tool

AI-powered semantic search engine provides free, fast and easy access to answers in thousands of YouTube videos.

Alethea AI Tool

Alethea AI is developing interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) to revolutionize the digital asset space.

Ask My Book AI Tool

Ask My Book is an AI experiment by Sahil Lavingia to make his book more accessible. It allows users to ask questions and receive answers in his voice.

Imaiger AI Tool

AI image search tool to find millions of art and images created with advanced AI technology.

Kailua Labs AI Tool

Use our API to quickly search images, video, audio, and more with AI in your app.

Bookabout AI Tool

AI-powered book search engine helps you find books based on ideas, not just keywords.

Komo Search AI Tool

Komo Search uses AI to prioritize search journeys, enabling users to chat, explore, and search for quick answers.

You AI Tool

A search engine that allows users to customize their search results.

Ask an AI AI Tool

Askan.ai provides assistance for simple and complex inquiries.