Finance AI tools

Revolutionize your financial management with our collection of cutting-edge AI tools. From predictive analytics to automated budgeting, our tools will help you make smarter financial decisions and achieve your goals faster. Explore our collection now and take control of your finances like never before.

AlphaResearch AI Tool

AlphaResearch uses AI-powered search engine to quickly scan millions of documents and extract insights, saving time and helping understand company's future.

TradeUI AI Tool

TradeUI offers powerful A.I tools to help traders find better trades, improve win rate and profit, with real-time alerts for notable market events.

Stocknews AI AI Tool

AI-curated stock news from over 100 sources, quickly and easily searchable.

Finalle AI Tool

Quickly analyze large amounts of real-time data to gain insight into market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Finta AI Tool

Finta is the perfect fundraising copilot, automating your workflow to help you focus on growing your business.

StockGPT AI Tool

StockGPT is an AI-powered search engine trained on Tesla's quarterly earnings call transcripts since 2011. AI Tool

This report evaluates a company's AI value accrual potential based on 4 criteria, providing an AI competence report and value proposition.

Shufti Pro AI Tool

Solutions that exceed KYC & AML standards to increase conversions, reduce fraud, and ensure global compliance.

Durable AI Tool

Create a website, automate marketing, and manage finances in 30 seconds with AI-powered platform for solo business owners.

5-Out AI Tool

5-Out uses machine learning to predict sales and provide guidance on labor and purchasing budgets, drawing from internal and external data sources.

Onesta AI Tool

Get answers to finance, investing, budgeting, taxes questions from AI. Uncover info about financial professionals and browse advisor database.

Pitchgrade AI Tool

Get feedback quickly on your pitch deck to reduce stress of fundraising.

Rose AI AI Tool

A cloud data platform that helps users find, integrate, clean, analyze, visualize, share, and buy/sell data.

Web3 Summary AI Tool

ChatGPT uses AI to simplify complex crypto projects, providing breakdowns of tokenomics, economic models, and performance metrics. It can quickly analyse any NFT, DeFi, Swap, or Blockchain.