Legal AI tools

Discover the power of Legal AI tools and streamline your legal research and analysis. Our collection of cutting-edge tools will revolutionize the way you practice law. Explore now!

Detangle AI AI Tool

Detangle AI uses AI to summarize content, providing actionable insights to help you understand complex legal documents quickly and make data-driven decisions.

Ferret AI Tool

Ferret's AI app and info helps you identify high-risk and promising relationships.

PatentPal AI Tool

AI automates mechanical writing of patent applications, streamlining the IP process. AI Tool

Maigon offers document-specific and API contract review modules, integrating deep learning for accuracy and efficiency.

DoNotPay AI Tool

DoNotPay app is the world's first robot lawyer, helping users fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone with ease.

Activazon AI Tool

Activazon provides crime report analytics to keep residents and visitors informed about their neighbourhoods.

Legalese Decoder AI Tool

Designed to take a legal document and output a plain language version, simplifying jargons and legalese.

Casetext AI Tool

Get faster, accurate legal research at an affordable price with modern search technology that finds cases Lexis and Westlaw miss.

Darrow AI AI Tool

Darrow's AI Platform scans data to detect harmful events, predict outcomes, and assess financial value, enabling top litigators to access high-value cases.

Humata AI AI Tool

Upload PDFs to get answers, create reports, understand technical documents, and analyze legal documents faster than ever before.

Legal Robot AI Tool

Legal Robot is an AI-powered tool that helps analyze and write contracts, providing instant analysis and avoiding potential pitfalls. It offers automated analysis, linguistic and statistical analyses to help understand legal documents.

Spellbook AI Tool

Spellbook uses AI and GPT-3 to quickly review and suggest language for contracts in Microsoft Word, trained on billions of lines of legalese.