Memory AI tools

Unlock the power of your mind with our collection of Memory AI tools. Enhance your cognitive abilities and improve your memory retention with cutting-edge technology. Discover the best tools to boost your brainpower and achieve your full potential today!

Glasp AI Tool

Glasp is a social web highlighter that allows users to highlight, organize, and access other people's learning. It also provides a tool to summarize Youtube videos.

Marketplan AI Tool

All-In-One Marketing Platform helps plan, execute, project, and optimize marketing strategies in one place.

Oracle AI Tool

Oracle provides instant answers to save time and effort, connecting with Slack, Docs, and Notion.

Noty AI AI Tool is a powerful tool for transcription, note-taking, and follow-up drafting for Google Meet and Zoom meetings. Automated features make it easy to stay organized and productive.

Rationale AI Tool

Rationale is an AI-powered app that helps entrepreneurs and managers make tough decisions by listing pros and cons or generating a SWOT analysis.

Glean AI Tool

Quickly search all your company's apps to find what you need and uncover new knowledge.

Xembly AI Tool

Automate mundane tasks to free up time to focus on meaningful work.

Adobe Sensei AI Tool

Sensei uses AI and machine learning to simplify customer experience tasks, enabling streamlined creativity, informed decisions, and targeted marketing.

Albus AI Tool

Albus is an AI assistant in Slack that helps marketeers create personalized content and designers generate ideas and visuals.

Mindgrasp AI Tool

Mindgrasp quickly creates notes and answers questions from various sources, including documents, videos, meetings, recordings, and podcasts.

Corpora AI Tool

Automate research workflows with AI language models to search for relevant documents, summarize takeaways, extract key information, and help with brainstorming.

EvelynAI AI Tool

EvelynAI is a Telegram tool that uses GPT-3 AI to generate tweets, posts, blogs, and more from text prompts.

ReleaseNote.AI AI Tool

Automate release notes creation with GPT-3. Choose from Yoda, Sherlock Holmes, Eminem and more speech styles.

Cogram AI Tool

Automatically takes notes, identifies action items, syncs to CRM, provides summaries, exports meetings in real-time, enterprise-level security, no audio/video recordings, integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, free trial.

TinyWow AI Tool

AI powered tools simplify everyday tasks, such as PDF, video, image, writing and conversion.

Reclaim AI AI Tool

Reclaim uses AI to manage tasks and schedule Google calendar, optimizing team priorities and saving up to 40% of workweek.

Chatty Cat AI Tool

Chat with AI on WhatsApp to ask questions, send voice messages, and request images.

ChatGPT AI Tool

ChatGPT optimizes language models for dialogue, allowing it to answer followup questions, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

Krisp AI AI Tool

Krisp is an AI-powered solution that cancels background noise and echo, leaving only human voice. Enjoy effective online meetings with features like noise & echo cancellation, widget, insights and call summary.

WebChatGPT AI Tool

Extension adds web results to ChatGPT for more accurate conversations, providing up-to-date information.

Personal AI AI Tool

PersonalAI is an AI tool to quickly generate ideas, recall concepts and write original content. It also catalogs new ideas and stores knowledge.

Sana Labs AI Tool

Sana's platform uses AI to help companies share knowledge, learn quickly, automate admin tasks, and increase productivity.

Scale AI Tool

Better data leads to more performant models, which in turn leads to faster AI investment value delivery.

Airgram AI Tool

Airgram automatically records, transcribes, takes notes, and assigns action items for meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

Casper AI AI Tool

Casper AI is a Chrome Extension that simplifies workflow with insights, summaries, and content creation, utilizing OpenAI's GPT. It helps professionals save time and increase productivity.

Procys AI Tool

Procys automates invoice data extraction, saving time and effort spent manually processing documents.

Mental Models AI AI Tool

AI helps to easily understand mental models, providing clarity and purpose to navigate life's complexities. Upgrade your understanding with mental models.

Kwirk AI Tool

Kwirk is an AI-supported office program with improved productivity tools, a summary tool, AI coach, document management system, translation services, and file type/language support.

WriteGPT AI Tool

WriteGPT helps professionals become more productive by providing a hotkey-enabled platform to read, write, code, and research. It also helps reduce unproductive browsing habits.

Taskade AI Tool

Taskade is the ultimate tool for teams to collaborate from anywhere, with real-time task sharing, note-taking, mind mapping, and video chat. Get organized and work together like never before! AI Tool

AI helps teams organize work, from meeting notes to knowledge bases, making it searchable and discoverable.

Cody AI Tool

Cody is an AI that can be trained to understand your business, industry, and processes. It can automate tasks, source documents, provide answers, and even brainstorm ideas.

Tooltips AI AI Tool

This extension allows users to highlight words or paragraphs and get AI-generated explanations.

Heyday AI Tool

Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that helps you remember content you find online. It automatically resurfaces forgotten content while you browse.

typly AI Tool

Typly's keyboard allows you to quickly answer messages with one click, generating sentences that fit the conversation.

Batch GPT AI Tool

AI enables faster completion of daily tasks such as classification, transformation, parsing, translation, copywriting and learning.

Alfred AI Tool

Alfred is an AI-powered search and content creation engine for iOS, powered by OpenAI's GPT-3. It provides accurate and relevant answers in natural language, making searching and finding information easy and convenient.

Waverly AI Tool

Waverly uses AI to curate content tailored to your interests, helping you stay focused and informed on relevant topics without wasting time.

Userdoc AI Tool

A modern requirements management tool that uses AI, collaboration, and integration to organize, manage, and analyze large-scale technical systems.

MeetGeek AI Tool

Meetgeek helps teams maximize meeting value with automated recording, summarizing, and sharing. It offers transcription, recordings, transcripts, keyword searches, tips, and AI-based notes. Integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, Teams, and more. Supports multiple languages and sends summaries to inboxes.

Vowel AI AI Tool

Automated meeting summaries use AI to save time and keep everyone informed, plus extra features like emojis, text messages and bookmarks.

WorkHub AI Tool

AI-driven platform providing tools to improve hybrid team efficiency and productivity.

Rewind AI AI Tool

Rewind is a macOS app that helps you find anything you've seen, said, or heard, with privacy as a priority.

Qatalog AI Tool

Qatalog is an AI tool providing a self-structuring, centralized system to manage people, operations, and knowledge.

LiveAI Bot AI Tool

LiveAl Bot is a powerful 24/7 chatbot that helps with image generation, tweeting, coding, and article creation to keep your community engaged.

DeepL AI Tool

DeepL is the world's most accurate and nuanced machine translation, using Advanced AI and unbeatable accuracy to outperform competitors by 3x.

FlowGPT AI Tool

FlowGPT helps users share, discover, and learn about useful ChatGPT prompts to streamline tasks and boost productivity.

Reflect AI Tool

Use OpenAI's GPT3 in Reflect to improve note-taking and writing, summarize articles, write emails, tweets, and suggest titles. Create backlinks to mirror your thought process and build a second brain.

GPTHotline AI Tool

ChatGPT brings advanced chatbot technology to WhatsApp, allowing users to experience the future of communication without apps or bookmarks.