Music AI tools

Unlock the power of Music AI with our collection of cutting-edge tools. From composition to analysis, our tools will revolutionize the way you create and experience music. Explore now and unleash your creativity!

Uberduck AI Tool

Create voice-over audio with 5,000+ voices, custom voice clones, APIs, AI-generated raps, personalized media, and join Uberbots platform.

SteosVoice AI Tool

Text voice service offers more than 40 voices and allows users to synthesize 5000 symbols per day for free via a telegram bot.

Open Voice OS AI Tool

Open Voice OS is a Linux distribution powered by a community of developers, providing Open Source Voice AI for various devices.

Mubert AI Tool

Mubert is a new royalty-free music ecosystem for content creators, brands and developers. It offers high-quality music to elevate content. AI Tool

blubi enables you to create AI-driven chatbots to make content interactive and engaging, providing an immersive learning experience.

Pollinations AI Tool

Pollinations uses AI to create art, offering infinite possibilities and tailored aesthetics. It also rewards open-source community and integrates AI creation into websites and social media.

Sonify AI Tool

Sonify creates audio-first products and data-driven solutions, combining audio, data and new technologies.

Moji Writing Assistant AI Tool

Moji helps you write better content faster with GPT-3, and features a text-to-image tool to create stunning visuals and music. AI Tool's music helps you focus without distractions, using gentle rhythmic pulses to stimulate the brain and support sustained attention.

TTSMaker AI Tool

TTSMaker is a free online text-to-speech tool with over 200 AI voices and support for multiple languages. Downloadable audio files are available with no registration or payment required.

Aiva AI Tool

AIVA is an AI composer that produces custom music for any project.

Landr AI Tool

Create and release music easily with Landr's AI-driven mastering engine and over $3000 worth of plugins, samples and tools.

Apple Books AI Tool

Apple's Books now offers audiobooks narrated by AI, initially for romance and fiction books, with two digital voices: Madison and Jackson.

Endel AI Tool

Neuroscience-backed soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep, personalized to you.

Harmonai AI Tool

We create open-source audio tools to make music production more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Soundful AI Tool

Soundful enables creators to quickly create royalty-free music of exceptional quality, made with AI.

Descript AI Tool

Descript is an easy-to-use video editing platform with powerful tools and AI. It enables users to edit videos, add effects, and create a text-to-speech model of their voice with a free trial.

Murf AI AI Tool

AI Voice Generator offers 120+ realistic voices in 20 languages to create perfect voiceovers quickly and easily.

Blakify AI Tool

Text-to-speech software with 800+ voices and 90 languages to bring static content to life.

Speechify AI Tool

Get text spoken by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg. Text to speech for Chrome, iOS, Android, & Mac.

Coqui AI Tool

Coqui is an app that allows users to express themselves freely and anonymously.

Pop2Piano AI Tool

Select from a list to play a piano cover of any song in a variety of styles with pop audio.

Beepbooply AI Tool

Easily convert text to speech in multiple languages with realistic audio content generated and downloaded with one click.

MusicLM AI Tool

Google introduces MusicLM, a model that generates high-quality music from text descriptions. It uses hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling to generate music at 24 kHz that stays consistent over long periods.

Getsound AI Tool

App creates personalized soundscapes based on 24/7 weather monitoring and environment parameters, plus 20+ soundscapes for spas, hotels, resorts, and workspaces. AI Tool

AI Voice Generator with 600+ voices to generate realistic Text to Speech audio. Instantly convert text to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV files.

Audioread AI Tool

Easily listen to articles, PDFs, emails, etc. as podcasts with your podcast app.

Polymath AI Tool

Polymath uses ML to convert music libraries into sample libraries, automatically separating songs into stems, quantizing them, and analyzing musical structure, key, and other info. Result: searchable sample library for music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers.

Convai AI Tool

Design games, applications, and characters with Conversational AI APIs for Speech Recognition, Language Understanding, Text to Speech, and more.

Wellsaidlabs AI Tool

Text-to-speech technology provides beautiful voices to captivate audiences while reducing costs and simplifying production.

Ad Auris AI Tool

Create a playlist of articles and listen to them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Enjoy articles on the go!

CassetteAI AI Tool

Cassette AI uses cutting-edge AI to help musicians of all levels create unique, high-quality beats quickly and easily.

Splashmusic AI Tool

Music making is accessible to all, bringing joy to all who participate.

Resemble AI Tool

AI voice generator clones voices to generate text-to-speech audio.

Replicastudios AI Tool

Create expressive voice performances with Replica Voice AI, perfect for creative projects.

Riffusion AI Tool

Riffusion is a software for real-time music creation, allowing musicians, composers, and others to explore different approaches. It uses stable diffusion and cutting-edge algorithms to generate music from text prompts, instruments, modifiers, genres, and sounds.

Songtell AI Tool

Songtell is an AI-generated repository of over 20000 song meanings. Get a poster with your favourite song's meaning printed on it. Visit r/songtell for more info.

Voxwave AI AI Tool

Reach leads at any stage with personalized voice emails and static messages. Increase calls booked and sales with Voxwave. AI Tool creates unique, mood-based music using AI technology for videos and podcasts.

Natural Language Playlist AI Tool

AI creates mixtapes and playlists based on user prompts, providing personalized song selections.

Boomy AI Tool

Create original music in seconds and share it with the world. Get paid for every listen on multiple platforms. AI Tool

Enable live captioning, track user intents, generate summaries and more from unstructured conversation data, powered by advanced deep learning models.

Emergent Drums AI Tool

Create unique drum samples with AI. Our plugin generates endless samples, all royalty-free.

Eleven Labs AI Tool

Future of Voice uses AI to create natural, compelling voices in any language for creators and publishers seeking the best storytelling.

Whisper AI Tool

Whisper is a multi-task speech recognition model trained on a large dataset of diverse audio, capable of multilingual recognition, translation and language identification.

Article.Audio AI Tool

Listen to articles instead of reading them - quickly and easily convert articles to audio.

Voicemaker AI Tool

Create audio files for commercial use with voice effects, pauses, speed, pitch, volume settings, industry-leading features, and a developer API. 1.1 million users in 120 countries have converted 100 million characters into voiceovers.

Ai Sofiya AI Tool

Ai Sofiya is a versatile Super Ai Tool that can create Ads, provide TTS conversion, generate text and build chatbots in a minute. AI Tool

Video translation made easy with AI: 1-click to translate to 75+ languages, 100x faster than manual processes.

PlaylistAI AI Tool

PlaylistAI helps create playlists from AI prompts, images, videos, and music. It has been featured in FastCompany, TechCrunch, and MusicRadar.

Soundraw AI Tool

Create custom music quickly and easily - select mood, genre and length, and AI will generate beautiful songs.

A.V. Mapping AI Tool

AI-powered 3-step process to find music from video, images, and text. Upload, choose, and pay for contracts. Quick and easy one-stop shop for music licensing.

FakeYou AI Tool

FakeYou lets you convert text to speech and create voice clones for use with music, videos, twitch rewards and more.

Daft Art AI Tool

AI album art generator helps you create the perfect album cover with ease.

Piano Genie AI Tool

Play the piano using the 1-8 keys, a-f, j-;, or coloured blocks. Use the space bar for the sustain pedal. Pretend to be a real player for the best melody.

Amper AI Tool

Amper provides tools and an API to help people create and customize original music, regardless of their background or resources.

Listnr AI Tool

AI Voice Generator quickly converts text to voice in 80+ languages, with 600+ voiceovers and easy MP3/WAV export.

Audioshake AI Tool

Get Stems for sync licensing, sampling, remastering, remixing, and re-imagining with tech used by major labels, publishers, distributors, music supervisors and sync licensing companies.

Quasi AI Tool

AI can be used to generate art, code, music, and more, allowing for creative expression and innovation.


VALL-E's context-aware learning function synthesizes personalized speech from 3 second voice prompts, outperforming existing TTS systems in terms of naturalness and speaker similarity. It also preserves emotions and acoustic environment.