Productivity AI tools

Boost your productivity with our collection of AI-powered tools. From task management to time tracking, our tools will help you streamline your workflow and achieve more in less time. Try them out today! AI Tool

AI-powered tool to quickly transform text instructions into Google Sheet formulas, with use cases in SEO, emails, and more.

Patterned AI AI Tool

Create custom designs for your product or service with AI-generated seamless patterns. Search thousands of royalty-free stock images to use instantly.

Marketplan AI Tool

All-In-One Marketing Platform helps plan, execute, project, and optimize marketing strategies in one place.

SummerEyes AI Tool

Quickly summarize any text online to save time and increase productivity.

CustomGPT AI Tool

CustomGPT enables companies to create AI-powered chatbots with OpenAI features, Sitemap integration, and flexible access. It helps businesses increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge.

Diagram AI Tool

Design Smarter with AI to automate tasks and generate unique icons. Unlock magical new ways to design products with one click.

Autodraw AI Tool

Autodraw is an AI tool that helps you draw faster by predicting what you want to draw.

Laxis AI Tool

Laxis helps you get the most out of meetings by intelligently transcribing conversations and providing personalized templates to extract insights, action items, and key quotes.

Merlin AI Tool

Merlin enables you to use OpenAI's ChatGPT on any website, allowing you to quickly edit emails, write tweets, and create excel formulas.

Felvin AI Tool

Felvin helps non-developers create, discover and earn from AI apps with no-code tools and an SEO-optimized gallery. AI Tool helps users create customised cover letters using AI, giving them an edge in the job market and increasing their chances of success. AI Tool

Robovision provides a platform to develop, implement and adapt AI for dynamic vision. Streamlining the AI life cycle for today's changing environment.

Galileo AI Tool

Galileo AI quickly creates editable UI designs from text descriptions, enabling faster design than ever before.

Formula Generator AI Tool

Create personal illustrated stories with stunning images, powered by AI, with the Ultimate AI Story Generator. Try it for free!

Oracle AI Tool

Oracle provides instant answers to save time and effort, connecting with Slack, Docs, and Notion.

Rezi AI Tool

Rezi uses AI to write perfect resumes, eliminating the need to write your own.

Text Generator Plugin AI Tool

Text Generator is an open-source AI tool that enables knowledge creation and organization in Obsidian, with the ability to generate ideas, titles, summaries, outlines, and paragraphs.

RTutor AI Tool

RTutor is an AI-based app that translates natural language into R scripts, which are then tested and reported in HTML. Check out the github repo.

Rationale AI Tool

Rationale is an AI-powered app that helps entrepreneurs and managers make tough decisions by listing pros and cons or generating a SWOT analysis.

Interflexion AI Tool

AI-powered role-play to develop leadership and interpersonal skills with personalized feedback for professionals to become better versions of themselves.

Glean AI Tool

Quickly search all your company's apps to find what you need and uncover new knowledge.

Ghostwrite AI Tool

GhostWrite AI uses AI to write emails quickly and accurately, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Obviously AI AI Tool

AI can quickly generate predictive models from raw data, leading to rapid ROI.

Build AI AI Tool

Build AI helps you quickly create AI apps and publish them independently. AI Trip Planner automatically creates detailed travel plans for any destination. Just specify trip length and destination and the app does the rest.

AI Office Bot AI Tool

AI-powered formulas for Airtable, Excel, and Google Sheets to speed up office software and explain answers for Photoshop, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Word. Also supports Creative Apps. AI Tool

AI made accessible to everyone, enabling them to build models without coding. Integrations, API, and public share links make it easy to use.

GPTAgent AI Tool

GPT Agent promises to make creating AI apps simple and straightforward.

IllostrationAI AI Tool

Sign up to get early access to create AI-generated illustrations with unique results in seconds. We're in public beta.

Sagify AI Tool

A command-line tool to quickly train and deploy ML/DL models on AWS SageMaker with minimal effort.

Cogniflow AI AI Tool is an AI platform that helps boost productivity by allowing users to classify customer interactions, extract information from text/images, identify/count objects in images/video, and transcribe audio without coding.

Uizard AI Tool

Create digital products, mobile apps, website mockups, and wireframes quickly with Uizard, the AI-powered design tool. Sign up now!

SwagAI AI Tool

SwagAI is an AI tool that helps you find creative and sometimes practical company swag. Just tell us what you need and our algorithms will suggest options.

Xembly AI Tool

Automate mundane tasks to free up time to focus on meaningful work.

AIGraphics AI Tool

AI-powered tool to quickly generate stunning visuals for social media, YouTube, logos, photos, and illustrations.

Logomaster AI Tool

AI-powered logo generator trusted by 3000+ startups, professionals and small businesses.

Vizcom AI Tool

Drawings are quickly animated, saving time and effort.

Teachable Machine AI Tool

Teachable Machine is a web-based tool that enables anyone to quickly and easily create machine learning models, regardless of prior knowledge.

AI Surge Cloud AI Tool

AI Surge is a no-code platform that enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively bring data science to life without coding. It helps deliver data 10x faster and reduce costs by 90%.

Shumai (Meta) AI Tool

Shumai is an open-source library for TypeScript and JavaScript, providing fast, network-connected, differentiable tensors for software engineers and researchers.

Adobe Sensei AI Tool

Sensei uses AI and machine learning to simplify customer experience tasks, enabling streamlined creativity, informed decisions, and targeted marketing.

Albus AI Tool

Albus is an AI assistant in Slack that helps marketeers create personalized content and designers generate ideas and visuals.

Mindgrasp AI Tool

Mindgrasp quickly creates notes and answers questions from various sources, including documents, videos, meetings, recordings, and podcasts.

Wave AI AI Tool

Wave Grow offers automated coaching intelligence and 24/7 listening and support to professionals, executives, and managers, with flexible prices and confidentiality protection. Over 500 have used it.

RunPod AI Tool

Rent Cloud GPUs for AI frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow with Jupyter for only $0.2/hour and save over 80%.

Corpora AI Tool

Automate research workflows with AI language models to search for relevant documents, summarize takeaways, extract key information, and help with brainstorming.


OpenAI Whisper provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and application programming interface (API) for easy access and use.

Roboflow AI Tool

Train a computer vision model in a few hours using images to give software sight.

TradeUI AI Tool

TradeUI offers powerful A.I tools to help traders find better trades, improve win rate and profit, with real-time alerts for notable market events.

EvelynAI AI Tool

EvelynAI is a Telegram tool that uses GPT-3 AI to generate tweets, posts, blogs, and more from text prompts.

Pictorial AI Tool

Generative AI can transform your website & blog visuals with high-quality images. Just provide a URL and let the AI do the rest. No design skills needed!

Helicone AI Tool

Monitor GPT-3 with one line of code. Replace base url with SDK, add OpenAI key to Valyr and view requests in dashboard.

Operand AI AI Tool

Operand helps teams find results faster by searching through their work apps. It integrates with popular software like Linear, Github, Slack, Discord, and Notion. AI Tool

Our Template Engine unlocks GPT-3's potential, allowing you to quickly generate custom output for content management, university & work, and software development.

Notion AI AI Tool

AI can be used to speed up writing, expand ideas, and boost creativity in Notion pages - like magic!

ReleaseNote.AI AI Tool

Automate release notes creation with GPT-3. Choose from Yoda, Sherlock Holmes, Eminem and more speech styles.

Write Me A Cover Letter AI Tool

Quickly create a tailored cover letter using AI. Upload CV, share job link and let us take care of the rest.

Autumn AI AI Tool

Autumn helps you measure and prevent burnout without surveys, leveraging AI to identify early signs and take action. Get tailored 1:1 questions and weekly team insights delivered to you in Slack.

Durable AI AI Tool

We aim to make custom software accessible to all using AI that can reason and communicate like humans.

Softr Studio AI Tool

Create custom apps for your business quickly and easily with Softr. Generate images and copy with AI. Transform Airtable/Google Sheets into portals, apps, and tools. AI Tool

B12 is an AI-powered website builder that provides professional services to create a website, streamline operations, and engage clients. It offers AI-generated website drafts and expert teams.

Kadoa AI Tool

Kadoa is a tool that uses LLM to extract data from any website in the desired format. AI Tool

Generates resignation letters with examples on their site.

Autory AI AI Tool

Automate processes and build workflows with no-code and GPT-3 to increase productivity and get credit for chain prompts.

Stocknews AI AI Tool

AI-curated stock news from over 100 sources, quickly and easily searchable.

Cogram AI Tool

Automatically takes notes, identifies action items, syncs to CRM, provides summaries, exports meetings in real-time, enterprise-level security, no audio/video recordings, integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, free trial.

Pattern Maker AI AI Tool

Create vector patterns with AI and explore public patterns created by others.

Teleporthq AI Tool

TeleportHQ is a platform for creating and publishing headless static websites quickly and collaboratively with integrated UI and content modelling tools.

Magician for Figma AI Tool

Magician is a Figma plugin that uses AI to generate copywriting and icons, aiding creativity and imagination.

Finalle AI Tool

Quickly analyze large amounts of real-time data to gain insight into market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

TinyWow AI Tool

AI powered tools simplify everyday tasks, such as PDF, video, image, writing and conversion. AI Tool

Gamma. AI provides a cloud DLP with ML-powered data classification profiles and the best data detection, all in one click.

Reclaim AI AI Tool

Reclaim uses AI to manage tasks and schedule Google calendar, optimizing team priorities and saving up to 40% of workweek.

Browse AI AI Tool

Extract, monitor, and download data from any website without coding. Train a robot in 2 minutes.

IconifyAI AI Tool

Design professional app icons quickly and easily with AI, eliminating the hassle and cost of traditional design.

Textomap AI Tool

Textomap is a fast and easy way to create interactive maps from text with no coding or complex tools.

Sivi AI Tool

AI-powered graphic design tool that quickly creates professional visuals for ads, banners, and more, helping marketers, business owners, and e-commerce managers convert more effectively.

Chatty Cat AI Tool

Chat with AI on WhatsApp to ask questions, send voice messages, and request images.

ChatGPT AI Tool

ChatGPT optimizes language models for dialogue, allowing it to answer followup questions, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

Krisp AI AI Tool

Krisp is an AI-powered solution that cancels background noise and echo, leaving only human voice. Enjoy effective online meetings with features like noise & echo cancellation, widget, insights and call summary.

Bardeen AI AI Tool

Bardeen uses AI to automate manual workflows, saving time and boosting creativity. Examples include getting action items, summarizing websites, responding to questions, and creating images.

Water AI Tool

ChatGPT allows you to customize and integrate with nocode platforms like Airtable and Zapier.

Pliny AI Tool

Pliny enables users to create shareable apps from their prompts, allowing others to run it for free or remix it to create new versions. AI Tool

Hotpot provides AI tools to help experts and consumers create professional graphics and pictures with easy-to-edit templates.

Lobe AI Tool

Lobe enables free, simple training of machine learning models by showing examples and automatically creating a custom model for use in apps.

Bearly AI AI Tool

Bearly AI is a desktop app for Windows, Linux, and Mac that helps researchers create summaries, outlines, and reword articles. It also provides features of ChatGPT.

Censius AI Tool

Censius provides AI observability platform to ensure ML models work in production with accountability and explainability. ML monitoring solution detects and fixes issues such as drift, skew, data integrity, and data quality.

Nanonets AI Tool

Automate data entry with AI to quickly capture data from documents, text, images, and emails. OCR-based AI reduces manual effort and turnaround times.

Superhuman AI Tool

AI powered email inbox sorts important emails, sets reminders, tracks open rates, and offers an undo send feature.

WebChatGPT AI Tool

Extension adds web results to ChatGPT for more accurate conversations, providing up-to-date information.

Personal AI AI Tool

PersonalAI is an AI tool to quickly generate ideas, recall concepts and write original content. It also catalogs new ideas and stores knowledge.

Designify AI Tool

Create AI-powered designs from photos with automatic background removal, color enhancement, and smart shadows. Easily save, download, or share.

Illustroke AI Tool

Create unique SVG illustrations from text prompts using our AI tool.

Sana Labs AI Tool

Sana's platform uses AI to help companies share knowledge, learn quickly, automate admin tasks, and increase productivity.

AuthorAI AI Tool

AuthorAI is revolutionizing authoring with AI, improving the creative process for apps, books, blogs, sites, data, designs, and reports.

Scale AI Tool

Better data leads to more performant models, which in turn leads to faster AI investment value delivery.

theGist AI Tool

theGist algorithm quickly creates summaries of Slack channels and threads with one click.

HeyCLI AI Tool

heyCLI translates natural language to terminal commands, making it easier to use the command line.

Whisper Memos AI Tool

Whisper Memos is an app to quickly record thoughts, reminders and journal entries, with transcription emailed shortly after.

Kili AI Tool

Create customised experiences without coding. Suitable for content creators, company knowledge, e-commerce and customer service.

Airgram AI Tool

Airgram automatically records, transcribes, takes notes, and assigns action items for meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

CandyIcons AI Tool

Get full copyright ownership of unique, high-quality app icons for iOS, macOS, and Android projects, plus a customized favicon generator. AI Tool

Mixo helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business ideas with an AI-powered builder and integrated tools for customer feedback and audience growth.

Mental Models AI AI Tool

AI helps to easily understand mental models, providing clarity and purpose to navigate life's complexities. Upgrade your understanding with mental models.

Monitaur AI Tool

Monitaur helps you audit, track, and record AI and algorithms for optimal performance and compliance, integrating with every team.

Charm AI Tool

Charm helps to clean, generate, transform and analyze text data in Google Sheets for various use cases.

StockGPT AI Tool

StockGPT is an AI-powered search engine trained on Tesla's quarterly earnings call transcripts since 2011.

Bilfrost AI Tool

Bifrost automates the process of turning Figma designs into React code, allowing designers to update screens without manual handoffs and engineers to focus on business-driving features. Design updates can be shipped quickly and easily.

Retune AI Tool

re:tune enables users to create and monetize AI assistants for any industry or use case, with GPT-3 and an API for integration.

Neon AI AI Tool

Neon AI enables developers to create voice applications with advanced AI and NLU, plus free open source software like Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana. They also have an AI OS for Mycroft Mark II. AI Tool is an AI-driven tool to help organizations manage checklists, processes and SOPs, ensuring tasks are completed correctly. AI Tool

Liner is a free tool that enables easy ML model training with no coding or ML expertise needed.

texti AI Tool

AI in your browser helps you create better content by working with you.

Kwirk AI Tool

Kwirk is an AI-supported office program with improved productivity tools, a summary tool, AI coach, document management system, translation services, and file type/language support. AI Tool uses AI to provide real-time transcription, notes, summaries, and secure sharing of meeting insights.

GeniusReview AI Tool

GeniusReview automates performance reviews, saving time and providing tailored answers to questions.

Wand AI AI Tool

Wand simplifies the process of creating AI-driven solutions, reducing time, cost and technical skills needed to achieve business impact.

GPT3 Playground AI Tool

Enter instructions or select a preset and watch the API complete the request using the chosen model.

Kickresume AI Tool

Kickresume is an AI-powered career toolbox that helps you create a professional resume or cover letter in seconds with customizable templates and OpenAI's GPT-3.

Lightning AI AI Tool

Quickly build models and AI-powered cloud apps with Lightning App templates, eliminating infrastructure, cost, scaling, and other issues.

Symanto Text Insights AI Tool

Get better business insights with Market Leading NLP API. Real-time analysis and simple system integration. AI Tool

This report evaluates a company's AI value accrual potential based on 4 criteria, providing an AI competence report and value proposition.

AI2image AI Tool

AI quickly creates custom images for websites, blogs, and social media from English descriptions.

Shufti Pro AI Tool

Solutions that exceed KYC & AML standards to increase conversions, reduce fraud, and ensure global compliance.

Microsoft Designer AI Tool

Create stunning designs quickly with Microsoft Designer. Transform text into beautiful images with ease.

SheetGod AI Tool

SheetGod is an AI-powered tool to create complex Excel formulas, macros, regular expressions, basic tasks, and Google Appscript code snippets. Try it now and experience the power.

Snape AI Tool

Create personalized job descriptions quickly and easily with AI-powered copy in two steps: customize details and requirements for the job role.

Taskade AI Tool

Taskade is the ultimate tool for teams to collaborate from anywhere, with real-time task sharing, note-taking, mind mapping, and video chat. Get organized and work together like never before! AI Tool

Capture natural human motion from video using AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics, and export directly into any game engine or digital environment. AI Tool

AI helps teams organize work, from meeting notes to knowledge bases, making it searchable and discoverable.

Auto Backend AI Tool

Create a custom backend for your app and explore existing apps in the gallery section.

ChatGPT Writer AI Tool

Chrome extension using ChatGPT AI to generate emails/replies from keywords. Supports Gmail & all languages. Mention language in prompt.

Cody AI Tool

Cody is an AI that can be trained to understand your business, industry, and processes. It can automate tasks, source documents, provide answers, and even brainstorm ideas.

Sheet+ AI Tool

Create Google Sheets & Excel formulas, explain formulas, debug formulas, and more.

Juice AI Tool

Juice enables GPUs to be accessed over networks, allowing for easy scaling and no setup time. Enjoy bare-metal performance over standard networking for graphical and ML tasks, with GPU load-balancing for multiple clients and tasks.

Brancher AI AI Tool

Create unique AI-powered apps by connecting AI models, monetize and share with the world.

Debuild AI Tool

Debuild is an AI-powered low-code tool that helps you generate React components, SQL code, and assemble an interface visually. Go live in one click and build web apps in seconds.

Contentinator AI Tool

AI-powered tool to generate realistic content, from text to images, to upgrade placeholder text or write for you.

Heyday AI Tool

Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that helps you remember content you find online. It automatically resurfaces forgotten content while you browse.

typly AI Tool

Typly's keyboard allows you to quickly answer messages with one click, generating sentences that fit the conversation.

Goodlookup AI Tool

Goodlookup is a smart function that enables regular people to access AI language models in spreadsheets.

Dimensions AI Tool

Dimensions simplifies the creative process, allowing you to quickly turn ideas into high-detailed concepts and focus on creativity.

Alfred AI Tool

Alfred is an AI-powered search and content creation engine for iOS, powered by OpenAI's GPT-3. It provides accurate and relevant answers in natural language, making searching and finding information easy and convenient.

Waverly AI Tool

Waverly uses AI to curate content tailored to your interests, helping you stay focused and informed on relevant topics without wasting time.


HTTPie simplifies API requests with plain language, enabling developers to easily build modern tools.

10Web AI Tool

AI-Powered WordPress Platform automates website building, hosting, and page speed boosting for a better user experience.

Userdoc AI Tool

A modern requirements management tool that uses AI, collaboration, and integration to organize, manage, and analyze large-scale technical systems.

Excel Formula Bot AI Tool

AI-powered formula generators quickly transform text instructions into Excel formulas, saving hours of manual work. Unlock the full potential of Excel & Google Sheets.

GPT for Sheets AI Tool

Get help with creative tasks from Google Sheets using GPT function for categorization, translation, correction, and summarization.

NeuroSpell AI Tool

NeuroSpell is a Deep Learning-based auto-corrector for spelling and grammar in over 30 languages, with features such as Human-in-the-loop charge optimization, Writing Aid, and OCR error correction.

Supernormal AI Tool

SuperNormal AI saves time and organizes meetings by transcribing and writing notes, shareable to multiple platforms. Quick video updates with AI-powered summaries keep teams connected without meetings.

Dust AI Tool

Prompt engineering helps accelerate the deployment of large language models, re-imagined with years of experience.

Job Description Generator AI Tool

Recrooit's AI-powered job description generator helps companies create job descriptions quickly and easily, with experience from 200+ companies.

MixPeek AI Tool

Mixpeek is an NLP-based intelligence layer for object stores like S3. It provides an "understanding" of non-text files with a single API call and can be set up with one line of code.

MeetGeek AI Tool

Meetgeek helps teams maximize meeting value with automated recording, summarizing, and sharing. It offers transcription, recordings, transcripts, keyword searches, tips, and AI-based notes. Integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, Teams, and more. Supports multiple languages and sends summaries to inboxes.

Ipso AI AI Tool

AI assistant drafts email responses for scheduling meetings, powered by GPT3 and using your calendar.

Fire Flies AI AI Tool is an AI assistant that records, transcribes, and searches voice conversations to help teams stay organized and efficient.

Vowel AI AI Tool

Automated meeting summaries use AI to save time and keep everyone informed, plus extra features like emojis, text messages and bookmarks.

Puzzle AI Tool

AI-powered glossary provides clarity to product, service, and community with superpowers. AI Tool

AI can help quickly and easily create employee performance reviews, development plans, and business letters.

Web3 Summary AI Tool

ChatGPT uses AI to simplify complex crypto projects, providing breakdowns of tokenomics, economic models, and performance metrics. It can quickly analyse any NFT, DeFi, Swap, or Blockchain.

WorkHub AI Tool

AI-driven platform providing tools to improve hybrid team efficiency and productivity.

Rewind AI AI Tool

Rewind is a macOS app that helps you find anything you've seen, said, or heard, with privacy as a priority.

Qatalog AI Tool

Qatalog is an AI tool providing a self-structuring, centralized system to manage people, operations, and knowledge.

WordfixerBot AI Tool

WordfixerBot is a multi-functional tool for editing, summarizing, and comparing text.

Datature AI Tool

Datature enables teams and enterprises to quickly build computer vision applications without coding, by managing datasets, annotating, training, and deploying.

This Resume Does Not Exist AI Tool

Create a standout resume with AI-inspired examples from the world's most successful people.

LiveAI Bot AI Tool

LiveAl Bot is a powerful 24/7 chatbot that helps with image generation, tweeting, coding, and article creation to keep your community engaged.

GptDuck AI Tool

Download public Github repositories, create embeddings, and answer questions with <200 files and <100MB.

Axiom AI AI Tool

Axiom is a browser extension that enables users to quickly automate website actions and repetitive tasks without coding.

DeepL AI Tool

DeepL is the world's most accurate and nuanced machine translation, using Advanced AI and unbeatable accuracy to outperform competitors by 3x.

FlowGPT AI Tool

FlowGPT helps users share, discover, and learn about useful ChatGPT prompts to streamline tasks and boost productivity.

Prisms AI AI Tool

Prisms is a no-code platform for building AI-powered apps with GPT3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. Deploy apps directly or use Prisms as a backend. Launching in 2023, join the waitlist or explore the Prisms community.

Petals AI Tool

Collaboratively run large language models like BLOOM-176B with an open source tool, by loading a part and teaming up with others to do inference or fine-tuning.

Sitekick AI Tool

Sitekick is an AI builder that enables users to create stunning landing pages without coding, design or copywriting.

Reflect AI Tool

Use OpenAI's GPT3 in Reflect to improve note-taking and writing, summarize articles, write emails, tweets, and suggest titles. Create backlinks to mirror your thought process and build a second brain.

Bright Eye AI Tool

Bright Eye is an AI app with tools for art/image generation, code, essay/poem generation, and text/image captioning.

Steamship AI Tool

Steamship is a low-code library that enables fast AI Prompt API building and deployment. It offers free plans with usage limits and support.

Pinegraph AI Tool

Create art with Pinegraph and Pinecasso AI. Describe your vision and let Pinecasso do the rest.

GPTHotline AI Tool

ChatGPT brings advanced chatbot technology to WhatsApp, allowing users to experience the future of communication without apps or bookmarks.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension AI Tool

ChatGPT provides detailed solutions to queries, from prom proposals to code fixes, alongside popular search engine results.

Hacker AI AI Tool

Hacker AI is a free AI-powered cybersecurity tool for professionals and coders to detect vulnerabilities in source code. Freemium API releasing soon. Made by @chaignc.

Microsoft Bing AI Tool

Microsoft's Bing now uses AI to provide detailed answers, creative ideas, and a chat experience with follow-up questions.

Coach Marlee AI Tool

Coach Marlee by Fingerprint For Success provides AI-based, science-backed coaching to everyone with internet access, allowing them to access the same success-fueling methods used by the world's top performers.