Project Management AI tools

Streamline your project management process with our collection of AI-powered tools. From automated scheduling to predictive analytics, our tools will help you stay on track and achieve your project goals faster than ever before.

Augmentir AI Tool

Augmentir provides resources to help businesses digitise and streamline processes for frontline staff, from hiring to retiring. Their solutions can benefit companies of any size, improving outcomes and productivity.

Genesys AI Tool

Genesys is a top supplier of omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, used by 10,000+ businesses in 100+ countries. It helps organizations increase productivity and customer satisfaction by providing smooth, uniform experiences across all channels.

Retention Engine AI Tool

RetentionEngine is a no-code tool to help businesses retain customers, win back former customers, and improve customer loyalty. It provides tailored cancel flows and actionable data to help businesses grow.

Bizzabo AI Tool

Bizzabo's event experience OS helps create amazing events with enterprise-level flexibility. It enables easy planning, advertising, and execution of events with features and tools. Any type of event can be successful with Bizzabo.

Timely AI Tool

Timely is a time-tracking tool that helps teams stay connected and accurately report employee hours, client work, and project status. It enables teams to measure and record time spent on activities and projects, improving efficiency.

Qatalog AI Tool

Qatalog is an AI tool providing a self-structuring, centralized system to manage people, operations, and knowledge.