Prompts AI tools

Unlock your creativity with our collection of AI-powered prompts tools. From writing to design, our tools will inspire and guide you to create your best work yet. Try them out today!

Openart AI Tool

Explore 10M+ AI art and prompts created by DALLยทE 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

Clio AI Tool

This website provides users with prompts, a Prompt Helper, S.W.A.G., and a Studio to create stories, art, and music. It also offers recommended keywords and sources of inspiration.

Img2prompt AI Tool

Generate a text prompt that is similar to an image, with a consistent style, using stable-diffusion (ViT-L/14).

PromptLayer AI Tool

PromptLayer is a platform that enables tracking and managing GPT prompt engineering, connecting code to OpenAI's python library and recording API requests for easy search and exploration.

PromptBox AI Tool

Easily manage AI prompts across tools with features like right-click saving.

PromptStacks AI Tool

They offer free, vetted prompts for large language models, plus a community to view, submit, and join their Discord.

Prompt Hunt AI Tool

Create professional artworks quickly and easily with Prompt Hunt's range of tools and services, including Vector Illustration Technique, Isometric Perspective, Soft Color Palette, and Golden Hour Time of Day. Free basic plan and $9.99 Pro plan available.

Enzyme AI Tool

Enzyme provides an all-in-one platform to discover, deploy and manage smart contracts with no technical knowledge required. Free to start, two paid plans available.

Chatbotkit AI Tool

Our platform enables developers and non-developers to easily create advanced AI chatbots that can communicate naturally with users.

Promptable AI Tool

Promptable offers advanced tools and features to streamline GPT-3 prompt engineering, plus organization, tracking, evaluation, deployment, and a community.

MarsAi AI Tool

Revolutionize software development with MarsX: create MicroApps, generate revenue, and unlock low-code tech potential.

Krea AI Tool

Explore millions of AI-generated images and create collections of prompts, featuring Stable Diffusion generations.

PromptHero AI Tool

AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney can be used to search millions of art images.

PromptExtend AI Tool

Generate more detailed AI art prompts to extend the base starting prompt, enabling better AI art creation.

Gooey.AI AI Tool

A low-code platform to compose AI workflows with access to OpenAI's GPT3 + DallE, image models, voice generators, and more. Tweak workflows and use them as APIs in apps, and prototype AI integration with sites/apps.

Public Prompts AI Tool

A collection of high quality, open source prompts for image generation, providing creative inspiration and resources.

PrompBase AI Tool

A free prompt generator that provides ideas and guidance to help people create visuals and stories with a variety of options, such as cartoon styles, photos, shots, and settings.

Ordinary People Prompts AI Tool

Ordinary People Prompts helps people use AI by providing prompts to learn, create, vote and comment on. It helps escape the Paradox of Choice.

Dallelist AI Tool

Dallelist enables quick prompt creation with images and styles as references, plus a Chrome extension for website integration.

ECommerce Prompt Generator AI Tool

Ready-made ChatGPT recipes to quickly set up store and marketing campaigns. Created by prompt engineers.

Promptist AI Tool

Promptist is an interface to optimize user input for Stable Diffusion v1-4. Use GPUs locally for faster generation than the online demo with CPU.

PromptBase AI Tool

Find top prompts, produce better results, save on API costs, and sell your own prompts with DALLยทE, GPT-3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion Prompt Marketplace.

Berri AI AI Tool

Berri enables quick app creation with an API endpoint, shareable web app, and templates. Low-code/no-code interface and fast customer support make it easy and fast.

MidJourney Prompt Helper AI Tool

An open-source tool that simplifies exploring styles and complex prompts visually.

Pyttipanna AI Tool

Pyttipanna is an interface for Pytti 5, enabling users to structure, narrate and experiment with prompts for video creation using Machine Learning models.

Jrnylist AI Tool

Midjourney Prompt Helper offers categorized prompts for Art & Illustration and Assets & UIs, plus the ability to submit your own.

Eye for AI AI Tool

Create templates of favorite prompts to quickly generate images from uploaded images or text.

Pheeds Prompt Silo AI Tool

A massive collection of prompts and tools for AI art and ChatGPT to simplify prompt creation.

Steamship AI Tool

Steamship is a low-code library that enables fast AI Prompt API building and deployment. It offers free plans with usage limits and support.

GPTHotline AI Tool

ChatGPT brings advanced chatbot technology to WhatsApp, allowing users to experience the future of communication without apps or bookmarks.

Hacker AI AI Tool

Hacker AI is a free AI-powered cybersecurity tool for professionals and coders to detect vulnerabilities in source code. Freemium API releasing soon. Made by @chaignc.

Dystr AI Tool

Dystr enables engineers to write and run code in the cloud without software experience, automating tasks and enabling faster analysis. It includes natural language code manipulation, triggers, scheduled tasks, and remote cloud environments.