Research AI tools

Unlock the power of AI with our comprehensive collection of research tools. From data analysis to machine learning, our tools will help you stay ahead of the curve in the world of AI research. Explore now and revolutionize your research!

Rephraser AI AI Tool

AI-powered rephrasing with varied tones and styles, plus revisions for improved text.

Laion AI Tool

LAION is a non-profit that provides datasets, tools and models to promote open machine learning research and reuse of resources for public education and environmental sustainability.

Scholarcy AI Tool

Quickly read summaries of large articles powered by AI to save time and extract key facts, figures and references.

CrowdView AI Tool

AI search engine that quickly finds relevant content from popular forums and communities.

AlphaResearch AI Tool

AlphaResearch uses AI-powered search engine to quickly scan millions of documents and extract insights, saving time and helping understand company's future.

Phind AI Tool

Search development queries using natural language and customize results by time. Toggle display links for more info.

Everypixel AI Tool

AI-powered search engine indexes 50 stock image websites, allowing users to quickly search by image, color, orientation, type, price, and author.

Galactica AI Tool

Galactica is an AI that provides a new interface to access and manipulate humanity's scientific knowledge of the universe.

Generated Photos AI Tool

AI-generated photos to enhance creative works. Find images through app or integrate via API.

Prompt Hunt AI Tool

Create professional artworks quickly and easily with Prompt Hunt's range of tools and services, including Vector Illustration Technique, Isometric Perspective, Soft Color Palette, and Golden Hour Time of Day. Free basic plan and $9.99 Pro plan available.

Metaphor Systems AI Tool

Metaphor is a search engine that understands language, allowing users to expressively and creatively search for what they need.

All  Search AI AI Tool

Search 1000s of books with adjustable time span, genres, number of results, speed and quality.

Consensus AI Tool

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that quickly summarizes scientific research findings.

Perplexity AI AI Tool

Perplexity AI is a demo AI search engine powered by OpenAI API and search engines. It can answer Twitter graph queries and translate natural language to SQL code, but accuracy is limited.

Wisio AI Tool

Wisio is an AI-powered platform for scientific writing, offering personalized suggestions, translation, search and referencing. AI Tool is an AI search assistant powered by GPT-3, providing accurate, up-to-date information on any topic.

Paraphraser AI Tool

Paraphrase Tool uses AI to generate multiple versions of text in over 100 languages.

DocuChat AI Tool

DocuChat turns documents into chatbots using GPT-3, providing fast and easy access to answers.

Better Synonyms AI Tool

A tool to quickly find synonyms that fit better in context, making it easier to express desired meaning.

One More AI AI Tool

Find thousands of pictures generated by Artificial Intelligence with AI-Generated Stock Images.

Podcast AI Tool

AI-generated podcast featuring interviews with Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs by Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan.

Browse AI AI Tool

Extract, monitor, and download data from any website without coding. Train a robot in 2 minutes.

Summate AI Tool

AI tool summarizes web articles using Full-Text RSS and OpenAI for extraction and summarization.

NeevaAI AI Tool

NeevaAI offers fast, accurate, and up-to-date AI search results with source tracking.

Andi AI Tool

Andi uses generative AI to provide answers, like talking to a smart friend, instead of just links.

ResearchGPT AI Tool

Interface enables conversation with research paper; enter link to online pdf or upload own pdf.

MarketMuse AI Tool

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content planning and optimization software that helps businesses create better content strategies. It provides personalized, objective insights to identify gaps and optimize content for better audience engagement. Ideal for content marketers, business owners, and anyone wanting to improve content effectiveness.

Typeset AI Tool

Explore and explain 270M+ papers with AI Copilot. Quickly read and understand literature with simple explanations. Highlight confusing text, math, and tables. Ask questions and get instant answers. Search without keywords.

PromptHero AI Tool

AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney can be used to search millions of art images.

Dreamsands AI Tool

Dreamsands is a marketplace to license, collect and share AI-generated art images.

Cradle AI Tool

Cradle enables biologists to quickly create better proteins with AI-assisted algorithms and design recommendations.

Adept AI Tool

Adept is a lab that develops general intelligence through collaboration between humans and computers.

ChatGPT For Search Engines AI Tool

Ask any question and get a natural language response directly from your search engine results using ChatGPT.

Papers GPT AI Tool

GPT can be given deep customized knowledge by feeding scientific papers into it. A proof-of-concept UX is available for connecting arbitrary data.

Explore AI AI Tool

AI-powered semantic search engine provides free, fast and easy access to answers in thousands of YouTube videos. AI Tool

Platform offers comprehensive research processing with smart search, filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, and data extraction.

WolframAlpha AI Tool

Wolfram's technology provides expert-level answers for Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.

PaperList AI Tool

This website allows users to share and read research papers, with author, post time, source and discussion options.

Elicit AI Tool

Elicit automates research workflows, like literature review, by finding relevant papers, summarizing takeaways, and extracting key information. It also helps with brainstorming, summarization and text classification.

Casetext AI Tool

Get faster, accurate legal research at an affordable price with modern search technology that finds cases Lexis and Westlaw miss.

Imaiger AI Tool

AI image search tool to find millions of art and images created with advanced AI technology.

Kailua Labs AI Tool

Use our API to quickly search images, video, audio, and more with AI in your app.

Bookabout AI Tool

AI-powered book search engine helps you find books based on ideas, not just keywords.

Komo Search AI Tool

Komo Search uses AI to prioritize search journeys, enabling users to chat, explore, and search for quick answers.

ExplainPaper AI Tool

Easily understand research papers by highlighting and uploading them. Save papers for future reference.

Socratic by Google AI Tool

Get help from Google's AI to solve academic problems in Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies and more, with visual explanations of key concepts.

PaperBrain AI Tool

A platform to easily access and understand research papers, with abstracts and direct pdf links. GPT assistant to help you.

You AI Tool

A search engine that allows users to customize their search results.

Humata AI AI Tool

Upload PDFs to get answers, create reports, understand technical documents, and analyze legal documents faster than ever before.

Arxiv Feed AI Tool

AI research papers from Arxiv, regularly updated, in an easily browsable feed.

Axiom AI AI Tool

Axiom is a browser extension that enables users to quickly automate website actions and repetitive tasks without coding.

HelloScribe AI Tool

HelloScribe's AI tools help PR and Marketing Professionals work smarter and faster, with no creative blocks or wasted time.

Ask an AI AI Tool provides assistance for simple and complex inquiries. AI Tool is an AI podcast copilot that helps you find great recommendations, share clips, search inside podcasts, read transcripts, and navigate episodes with chapters.

Quillbot Paraphraser AI Tool

Quillbot helps you rewrite text for free. Simply write or paste something and click Paraphrase to get started.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension AI Tool

ChatGPT provides detailed solutions to queries, from prom proposals to code fixes, alongside popular search engine results.