Voice AI tools

Discover the power of Voice AI with our curated collection of cutting-edge tools. From speech recognition to natural language processing, our tools will revolutionize the way you interact with technology. Explore now and unleash the potential of your voice!

Quadient AI Tool

Quadient helps businesses create strong customer relationships by providing products and services to increase loyalty and retention, and simplify customer interactions.

Murf AI AI Tool

AI Voice Generator offers 120+ realistic voices in 20 languages to create perfect voiceovers quickly and easily.

Fliki AI Tool

Fliki.ai offers AI tools to transform text into audio and video content, including videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and voiceovers in multiple languages. Create videos from scripts or blog posts in 2 minutes with realistic voices and stock media library. Trusted by 30k+ content creators.

Whisper AI AI Tool

Whisper is an AI-powered hearing aid that optimizes sound and delivers a high-quality hearing experience. No upfront fees, monthly plan, and regular software upgrades make it easy to stay connected. Enjoy a better hearing experience today.

MusicLM AI Tool

Google introduces MusicLM, a model that generates high-quality music from text descriptions. It uses hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling to generate music at 24 kHz that stays consistent over long periods.

Play.ht AI Tool

AI Voice Generator with 600+ voices to generate realistic Text to Speech audio. Instantly convert text to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV files.

Krisp AI AI Tool

Krisp is an AI-powered solution that cancels background noise and echo, leaving only human voice. Enjoy effective online meetings with features like noise & echo cancellation, widget, insights and call summary.

Deep Brain AI Tool

AI Avatar is the best AI video generation platform, allowing you to create videos in 5 minutes or less without hiring, recording, editing or licensing models.

Riffusion AI Tool

Riffusion is a software for real-time music creation, allowing musicians, composers, and others to explore different approaches. It uses stable diffusion and cutting-edge algorithms to generate music from text prompts, instruments, modifiers, genres, and sounds.

Narakeet AI Tool

Narakeet is an intuitive tool that uses text-to-speech technology to create professional-sounding voiceovers and narrated videos in over 80 languages. It eliminates the need for costly voice actors, making it easy to bring your message to life.

Supernormal AI Tool

SuperNormal AI saves time and organizes meetings by transcribing and writing notes, shareable to multiple platforms. Quick video updates with AI-powered summaries keep teams connected without meetings.


VALL-E's context-aware learning function synthesizes personalized speech from 3 second voice prompts, outperforming existing TTS systems in terms of naturalness and speaker similarity. It also preserves emotions and acoustic environment.